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Pet Food Alert! Free Report : Info a pet owner needs To know about

Need a reason why you should be reading the lables of your packaged dog and cat food! Since March 16, 2007, more than 150 brands of pet food have been voluntarily recalled.


 The first recall was due to a contaminated lot of wheat gluten that was imported from China and shipped from the importer (ChemNutra) to Menu Foods, a separate manufacturer of dry food, and several other manufacturers of certain dog treats and wet dog foods. Menu Foods contracts with a wide variety of pet food companies to produce their specialized products. Although these foods are produced in the same facility, they are made using ingredients specified by the individual pet food companies. The foods themselves are not identical despite being produced by one manufacturer. Only foods and treats that were manufactured by Menu Foods using the affected wheat gluten source were recalled by that company. Hill's Pet Nutrition issued a voluntary recall on March 30 of one product manufactured using the wheat gluten. On March 31, certain products manufactured by Nestle Purina were voluntarily recalled. Similar voluntary recalls were issued on April 2 by Del Monte Pet Products and on April 5 by Sunshine Mills, Inc. All of these recalls were related to the same shipment of wheat gluten imported from China.

More Info - Updated on 5/18/07

Out of an abundance of caution and to give concerned pet parents added peace of mind, we had our "Lifes Abundance and Flint River Ranch" pork products, training treats and products containing grain ingredients tested for the presence of melamine. The chemical analyses were conducted by Eurofins Scientific, a leading international group of laboratories providing testing to numerous worldwide industries and governments. We are unsurprised, but happy to report to you, the results of these exhaustive tests confirmed what weve been saying all along that our products are completely safe. We remain absolutely committed to providing you and your companion animals with truly superior, health-promoting products. More info conserning pet food recall

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More info - Updated on 5/4/07
Dear Pet Parent,

The past few weeks have been extremely hard on companion animals and their families. It seems that every few days, we receive news of additional pet food recalls.

A recent wave of recalled pet foods including foods made by Blue Buffalo, Costco, Natural Balance, Royal Canin and others was due to contaminated rice protein concentrate. None of our products include this ingredient.

Menu Foods has further expanded their extensive recall to include other products that were cross-contaminated by wheat gluten containing melamine. And the contaminated rice protein concentrate was used in facilities operated by American Nutrition. None of our products are manufactured in any of the facilities where these contaminated ingredients were used. There is absolutely no danger that our foods were contaminated.

And, as you are probably aware, chickens have been fed the contaminated pet food product. We have been reassured by the FDA that this poultry is safe for consumption, not only by companion animals but by humans as well, because the contaminated food is not being eaten directly by either group. In any case, we have no reason to believe that these chickens were used in any of our foods.

We are fully confident that our products are completely safe. As you know, we employ numerous safety and quality controls to ensure the highest quality products. Our ingredients and foods undergo multiple tests, throughout the course of the manufacturing process.

All of the more than 5,300 recalled pet food products included contaminated ingredients imported from China. Again, none of our products include these contaminated ingredients. Aside from the contamination issue, we consider these ingredients to be inferior sources of protein, and therefore do not use them in any of our products. In fact, we have never used these ingredients, and you have our assurances that we never will. Our foods, treats and supplements include only human-quality ingredients sourced from trusted U.S. suppliers.

For a comprehensive list of recalled pet food products, we encourage you to visit the FDAs web site at More info conserning pet food recall

Please know that we remain absolutely dedicated to providing products to ensure the long-term health and happiness of your companion animals.

We look forward to the opportunity to provide for all your companion animal needs for years to come.

Very best regards,
Trilogy / HealthyPetNet Customer Service



Reasons Why owners turn to organic, natural pet foods!

NEW YORK — Sales of organic and natural pet foods are getting a boost from the nationwide recall of more than 60 million packages with familiar brands.

As brands from premium to store labels begin crisis-management efforts, an additional concern is that upscale organics are getting at least a temporary bump in share of the $15 billion pet-food market. The recall has not only raised safety concerns, but has also pointed out that many big-name premium brands contain some of the same ingredients as bargain labels.

"People purchasing some of these brands on the recall list think they are buying premium brands," says Kristen Levine, founder of Fetching Communications, a public relations firm for the pet industry. "When you find out the same wheat gluten is going into bargain brands, it's very disheartening."

Natural and organic pet-food sales already had been rising — 46% in 2005 over 2004 and an expected 36% for 2006, according to the Organic Trade Association's 2006 Manufacturer Survey.

Thanks to the recall, "I would be shocked if organic pet foods don't see a banner year," says brand image expert Katie Paine of KDPaine & Partners.

Seeking to contain the damage, Procter & Gamble ran a letter in 59 newspapers this week to reassure consumers that its Iams and Eukanuba dry foods are safe and not part of the recall. Purina is posting shelf cards in stores highlighting unaffected products.

"We're trying to develop messages for shelves which make it clear which products are not affected in the recall and to leave confidence about the brands that are affected," says Steve Crimmins, Purina's vice president of marketing for pet foods.

Paine thinks that may be futile for now. "Calling attention to your brand in times of a crisis doesn't help. Time has to pass, and dogs and cats have to stop dying. Then that's the time to advertise."

Levine, however, thinks companies should act now. "A few companies have done a really good job, but I don't think we've heard enough from the others."

Meanwhile, organic foods are gaining interest:

•Orders are up 300% for Boulder-based Natural Pet Nutrition. Its Pet Promise food is sold in stores including Whole Foods. A 25-pound bag with a list of "no's" including "no added growth hormones" and "no antibiotic-fed proteins" costs $35. "We've seen a really strong surge in demand," says founder Dave Carter.

•Castor & Pollux Pet Works has had a tenfold rise in traffic on its website, says Shelley Gunton of the organic-food maker near Portland, Ore. "Sales have been on a growth ramp, but this springboards the category," she says. "People who may have dabbled in organic products for their human family are looking out much more seriously for their four-legged family."

•Online pet-food retailer Waggintails has had a 30% to 40% rise in sales, despite recall of some top sellers, thanks to organic and natural products, says founder John Gigliotti. "We feel like the loss of sales from the products we pulled will be more than offset."

Do you really know whats in your pets food?


Although you may think all pet food manufacturers have your pets best interests in mind, this is not always the case. Current pet food regulations allow manufacturers to use ingredients that you would never knowingly give to your pet. In fact, you may be shocked to learn what some brands of pet food really contain. For example: the use of by-products (feet, bones and intestines, etc.), chemical preservatives (BHA and BHT) and grains that are often difficult to digest (corn, wheat, gluten and soy), which are often used as a protein source instead of meat.

More info conserning pet food recall

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